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5 essential tips for fire prevention at indoor events

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5 essential tips for fire prevention at indoor events:

Indoor events must receive special attention in terms of fire safety. They are considered temporary events held in covered venues. To find out 5 ways to make events safer, with advance planning, organization and all precautions, check out this content.

Many indoor event organizers have a huge checklist of what to prepare for the long-awaited date. After all, there are many things involved, such as booth rental, food court, stage, broadcasting, publicity, temporary labor and much more. Click Here for fire safety training

As a result, they end up not giving due importance to the Fire Department license. However, if there is no proper inspection and release, the event simply does not happen. Get rid of this risk! Check out the essential tips for preventing fires at an indoor event.


1. Define the event capacity:


How many people are expected? Does the location accommodate this amount? How many tickets are being sold?

It is important to define the capacity. Think, for example, about the delimitation of areas, such as the track, boxes, stands, among others. In this sense, one must think about the maximum distance to be covered by people and also the dimensioning of emergency exits.

2. Determine the form of access control:


Will the indoor event you are organizing charge admission fees? Will there be free entry? These issues are important, as overcrowding can cause serious risks, especially if there is a need to evacuate the space.

In this sense, it is important to define how the control will be, whether there will be turnstiles or other means.


3. Define specific locations:


Which location will be reserved for the public? And which one will be directed to the parking lot or the food court? For security reasons, it is essential to define these details to avoid disturbances during an eventual evacuation.


4. Determine emergency signage and lighting:


It is essential that strategic locations have emergency lighting. This allows people participating in the event to safely leave. It is also necessary to implement emergency signage to identify the location of fire-fighting equipment, such as extinguishers.https://www.wisdomtides.com/


5. Have authorization from the fire department:


How many times have you seen on the news that a certain indoor event caught fire and didn’t have fire department permission? Unfortunately, this can happen. For this reason, to resolve guilt and possible punishments, act preventively and obtain a license to hold the event.


What other details are essential for indoor events?


The Fire Department observes all details of indoor events. For this reason, it is essential to comply with safety standards, such as the tips above, and also pay attention to other elements.

One of them is the fuel gas plant, electrical installations and motor generators. It is necessary to present the sizing of all of them. Contact us for fire warden course in UAE

Another fundamental point: the Fire Brigade. The location must have trained firefighters. A civil firefighter must also be available during the event. People participating in the indoor event need to be guided in possible evacuation. It is the role of the brigade members to guide them.


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