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Cloud Bookkeeping Services – How to Attract More Clients

Cloud Bookkeeping Services

If you ask cloud bookkeepers whether their job is harder or finding clients, they will perhaps vote for the latter. Undoubtedly, efficiently managing financial records is challenging for online bookkeeping services. However, finding clients is even more difficult for companies that offer cloud bookkeeping services.

In any case, running a bookkeeping business is relatively easy as compared to attracting and retaining clients. We have dedicated this post to how cloud bookkeeping service providers can attract clients.

If you are a cloud bookkeeper who seeks ways to attract clients, this post is for you.

How to Attract More Clients to Your Cloud Bookkeeping Business

There are various ways you can draw more clients to your cloud bookkeeping business. We have talked about them below:

  • Make Sure You Have a Credible Website

Often, your website is the first point of contact when it comes to attracting potential clients. It also means you need to present your website to your prospective clients well. In order to establish professional credibility for your cloud bookkeeping business, you need to have a credible website.

Moreover, a credible website means visitors to your site should immediately understand what services you offer. So, make sure your website has a value proposition that clearly differentiates your cloud-based bookkeeping services from competitors. 

In addition, keep the following things in mind to ensure your website looks credible:

  • Website Design Emphasizing Your Professionalism with an Easy-to-Navigate Layout
  • A Dedicated “About”, Page about Your Experience, Certification, and Relevant Qualifications
  • Testimonials Proving the Credibility of Your Business
  • Invest Time in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

If you really want to attract clients to your cloud bookkeeping business, you should invest time in SEO. Doing SEO for your website in the right way can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Targeted Traffic
  • High Rankings with Easy Discovery
  • Search Engines, Especially Google Will Treat Your Site as Authentic
  • Long-Term Visibility 

In terms of doing SEO for your website in the right way, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use relevant keywords on your website targeting your cloud bookkeeping service to the right people (potential clients).
  • Audit your website regularly to make sure it has no technical issues performing online.
  • Create accurate “Meta Titles and Descriptions,” for each webpage of your website.
  • Also, publish well-optimized and high-quality content on your website.
  • Use Google Business Profile to Your Advantage

If you want to drive more clients to your cloud bookkeeping services, exploit Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business allows you to create and manage your business listing for free. Most importantly, it allows your business to appear when users search for cloud bookkeepers in their area via the internet, provided that you have your business listing three. So, you should take advantage of the same facility.

  • Capitalize on Advertising

You can further enhance your efforts to attract more clients to your business if you invest in advertising. We recommend you opt for PPC (Pay-per-Click) adverts, preferably Google ads to create target messages, appearing at the top of search results. You pay for these ads only when someone clicks on them, so you may use them to your advantage.

  • Give Incentives for Referrals

The best way you can get referrals is you offer incentives to your clients or business partners. In this respect, you may consider offering discounts on your bookkeeping services or gift cards to your clients. It can help you attract more clients to your cloud bookkeeping business when your clients refer you to others.

  • Capitalize on Email Marketing

Use email marketing to your advantage to attract more clients to your business. In this respect, grow a quality email list first while encouraging visitors to subscribe to the newsletter on your website. Then, make emailing your highly targeted subscribers a consistent schedule with a clear CTA (Call to Action). Using email marketing in this way (professional), you can eventually win more clients over time.

  • Exploit Social Media Marketing

Exploiting social media marketing, you can connect, network, educate, and, most importantly, engage a large number of potential clients. For this reason, you should use social media platforms to your advantage to boost your online visibility and win clients.

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Running a cloud bookkeeping business is relatively easy compared to attracting more clients to it. Nevertheless, there are ways you can draw more clients to your cloud bookkeeping services. We have reiterated them below, too:

  1. Make sure you have a credible website.
  2. Invest time in SEO.
  3. Use Google Business Profile to your advantage.
  4. Capitalize on advertising.
  5. Give incentives for referrals.
  6. Capitalize on email marketing.
  7. Exploit social media marketing.

If you want to attract more clients to your cloud bookkeeping business, keep these things in mind. To finish, make sure your cloud-based bookkeeping business has a USP clearly differentiating your bookkeeping services from your competitors.

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