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Dab Rig in Canada vs. a Bong

dab rig in Canada

Bongs and dab rigs may look the same but there are key differences between these two water pipes. In fact, inexperienced users also use the terms “bongs” and “dab rigs” interchangeably. But there are differences between a bong and a dab rig in Canada. Knowing them can help novices easily differentiate bongs from dab rigs. 

In this post, we are going to compare bongs with dab rigs in light of their differences. Eventually, it will aid you in realizing how bongs and dab rigs for different from each other.

Comprehending the Differences between Dab Rigs and Bongs in Canada

In general, you can find bongs and dab rigs made from glass. The main difference between these two smoking devices is based on the substance that users consume via them. In general, bong users use bongs to smoke dried flowers, whereas users use dab rigs for vaping concentrates.

Moreover, both bongs and dab rigs seem the same at first look. But they are different in terms of their design, function, etc. Without further ado, let us start discussing the differences between bongs and dab rigs:

  • The Potency of the Substance

The first difference between bongs and dab rigs relates to the potency of the substance that users consume via them. As an example, dab rigs are for consuming highly potent cannabis concentrates, having a THC content of around 80%. Contrarily, bongs are for consuming dry herbs with a THC content of around 25%.

  • The Design of the Device

Usually, you can find bongs and dab rigs made from glass, with borosilicate glass as their favoured material. Nonetheless, you can also find them constructed from silicone and other materials. 

Moreover, the next difference we want you to know between bongs and dab rigs is their design. Bongs are generally larger than dab rigs. Further, the bowl is the one component you won’t find in a dab or oil rig. You can also find bongs in different styles, such as straight, beaker, etc. Still, bongs in different styles fundamentally function in the same way. 

Conversely, dab rigs are smaller in size, so they are also portable. These devices do not also require a huge water chamber for hefty hits because of the high potency of cannabis concentrates. In fact, the water chamber of dab rigs contains all the necessary components. On the outside of a dab rig in Canada, you will find a dab nail or banger that holds concentrates. However, the dab nail is usually smaller in surface area, and the banger has a larger surface area.   

Besides glass dab rigs, you can also find electronic rigs (e-rigs) that operate via batteries. E-rigs allow users to choose a temperature setting, which is ideal for consuming more delicate cannabis concentrates.

  • The Function of the Device

Both bongs and dab rigs depend on water to cool the smoke or vapour produced, respectively. But bongs combust dry herbs to produce the smoke and dab rigs vapourize concentrates in heated nails to produce vapour. When it comes to the functionality of these two devices, there is a slight difference. We have already mentioned that difference. But we want you to know how these two devices function.

Here is how bongs work:

  • First, you fill the water chamber with sufficient water to submerge the down-stem.
  • Subsequently, you grind marijuana to tightly pack your bowl.
  • Finally, you light your herbs and enjoy the smooth yet cool hits from the mouthpiece.

Here is how a dab rig works:

  1. First, you fill your dab rig with a little water to submerge the percolator.
  2. Next, you take your dab torch to heat the nail until it turns red-hot.
  3. Then, allow your dab nail to cool for a few seconds.
  4. You pick a small amount of your cannabis concentrates via your dab tool to put on your dab nail.
  5. Finally, you inhale through the mouthpiece of your dab rig once the concentrates vapourize quickly. 

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  • The Quality of Hits

Bongs produce smoke, so the hits from bongs are slightly harsher compared to dab rigs. Moreover, the hits from dab rigs feel a bit smoother on the throat but not always. Additionally, the overall quality of your flowers will impact the quality of your bong hits. The better the quality of your flowers, the more enjoyable hits you will experience. What’s more? Bongs with ice-catchers can further enhance your smoking experience.

In addition, your dabs will produce the highest quality vapour if your dab nails have carb caps. It will also enhance your dabbing experience to the fullest.

Furthermore, you can find dab rigs and bongs at different price points based on their material. However, you will find glass bongs and glass dab rigs at a similar price point. But you won’t pay higher prices for acrylic or silicone bongs. When it comes to dab rigs, most dabbers go with glass dab rigs. But there are also e-rigs, which are becoming popular over time among dabbers.


Dab rigs and bongs may look the same but there are key differences between the two. We have already mentioned differences between a dab rig in Canada and bongs based on the following:

  1. The Potency of the Substance
  2. The Design of the Device
  3. The Function of the Device
  4. The Quality of Hits

Moreover, you may want to choose between the two when you are looking to consume marijuana as a beginner. Based on the way you want to consume cannabis, you can choose either a dab rig (dabbing) or bong (smoking). To finish, hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this post on the differences between dab rigs and bongs.    

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