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Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay: How to Play Cross-Platform with Friends

How to Play Cross-Platform with Friends

If you’re an online FPS enthusiast, Deep Rock Galactic is a game that should be on your radar. The multiplayer-focused title from Ghost Ship Games has become a hit since its launch in 2020, offering players the chance to delve into procedurally generated caves as a team of Dwarven miners, collecting valuable resources and battling alien creatures. The game is best experienced with friends, but you might be wondering if you can play with your friends across different platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about crossplay and cross-progression in Deep Rock Galactic.

Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform?

The short answer is yes, but with a few limitations. Deep Rock Galactic currently supports crossplay between certain platforms, specifically:

  • Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Windows Store: Players on these platforms can freely play together thanks to cross-platform features.

However, if you’re playing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or PC via Steam, crossplay isn’t supported at the moment. This means that players using these platforms cannot play together across devices. While the developers haven’t announced any specific plans to expand crossplay, there’s always a possibility that the feature could roll out to other platforms in the future.

Does Deep Rock Galactic Have Cross-Progression?

Good news! Deep Rock Galactic does support cross-progression, allowing you to carry your progress across multiple platforms. This means that you can switch between devices without losing your hard-earned levels, gear, and achievements. Unlike crossplay, cross-progression is supported on all available platforms, so you can continue your adventures no matter where you’re playing.

What to Expect from Crossplay and Cross-Progression

If you’re on Xbox or the Windows Store version of Deep Rock Galactic, crossplay is available, letting you team up with friends regardless of their device. Unfortunately, those on PlayStation or Steam will need to stick to their own platform for now. Cross-progression, on the other hand, provides the flexibility to switch between platforms without losing your progress, which is a fantastic feature for players who game on multiple systems.


While Deep Rock Galactic offers a robust multiplayer experience with crossplay for Xbox and Windows users, cross-platform play is not currently available for PlayStation or Steam. Cross-progression, however, is supported across all platforms, allowing you to pick up where you left off no matter where you’re playing.

As the game continues to evolve, it’s possible that crossplay may expand to other platforms, and we’ll be sure to update you if and when that happens. Until then, enjoy exploring the caves and mining for valuable resources in one of the most unique multiplayer FPS games out there. If you’re eager to dive in with friends, make sure you’re on a platform that supports crossplay, and enjoy the journey through Deep Rock Galactic’s immersive underground world.

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