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DIY Decor: Customizing Your Plus Size Floor Rugs for a Personal Touch

Floor Rugs

What is special about rugs is that they not only provide a soft underfoot but they create an aesthetic context for space. Rugs come in so many different designs and materials that allow you to choose the softness and shape that will best work to elevate your mood. Moreover, some DIY gorgeous pieces also make rugs a canvas for experimenting and creating a great ambience. This is quite a bit of boost to your creativity in your otherwise regular routines. Thus, with some DIY ideas for making rugs like plus size floor rugs and round rugs, you can steal the show. 

Add A Personal Touch And Enhance Your Space With DIY Rug Ideas. 


Whatever the size of the room, engaging in DIY decor activities allows you to set the elements of your space according to your personal preferences. Thus, this will add that personal touch you want in your space. Let us thus evaluate some worthy ideas below. 

A Fantastic DIY Idea For Plus Size Floor Rugs


Well, there are many sizes of large rugs you can imagine adding gorge to your rooms and outdoor spaces. Area rugs plus size floor rugs are great for enhancing your bigger rooms. The largest rug size is 12×15. Now, Does it feel unreal that you could make yourself a large rug? However here we have an easy and economical way of getting you there which will also put to use some of the old rugs that you are done using. A big rug could be simply made by assembling smaller rugs in interesting patterns. 

What you will need:


You will need the right materials here. They are a single-sided carpet seam tape or a plastic needle for yarn, stitching thread, and 4 medium-sized rugs.


Steps To Make A Plus Size Floor Rugs


  • First in a large room or an outdoor space, as you prefer, you could place the mats in an interesting pattern. The pattern we are aiming here for is a cross shape. However, the cross shape will be longer than the width. 
  • So, you will place 2 out of the 4 rugs you have taken, side by side. Now you will place the third one by the side of the length you have created with the first two rugs. Similarly, place the fourth rug on the other side of the length of the first two rugs. Thus , finally they are placed like the fins of a fish.
  • Now using carpet seam tape or a plastic needle, whichever method you prefer, attach them strongly by sewing or sticking them.
  • Also, you must keep the rugs at the sides of the same design and texture to match each other. And if the fins do not match exactly, create the best contrast you can. 


You are ready with one of the striking and contrasting plus size floor rugs. Moreover, It is a unique DIY design and shape. This could be perfect for grand party halls and large master bedrooms. In addition, you could consider a beautiful fin-shaped adornment for your spacious outdoors. 


A Fantastic DIY Idea For A Plus Size Modern Round Rug


A quite fanciful shape when it comes to beautiful timeless rugs is a modern round rug. Yes, round rugs look quite cosy. Thus you can use this quality to incorporate a beautiful soft sitting space for you and your friends. This DIY idea is super-easy and takes less time. 

What you will need:


You will need the right materials here. They are multi-use netting, cotton piping, small rubber bands, and scissors.


Steps To Make  Plus Size Floor Rugs


  • Cut the netting as per the size of the rug you have determined. Make it big enough for 4-6 people to sit comfortably for the best cozy hangouts. 
  • Cut the cotton piping. You could end up needing more cotton piping than it looks like. A rough estimate is for a 5×8 rug, you could require more than 200 yards of cotton piping. Thus do the calculation beforehand for a smooth process. 
  • Next, weave cotton pieces into the netting grid. Finally, pull the pieces upward to a firm stretch and tie them together. This is done with a strong rubber band. 
  • Once secured with a rubber band, just fuzz out the piping pieces so they have more of a fluffy and soft look.
  • If you are making a plus size large round rug, you will need to make smaller pieces and assemble them to form a big round shape. 

In Conclusion  


We saw how with fun and easy steps you arrive at beautiful rug designs to adorn your space. Whether you are aiming to add a soft look or a striking decor to your room, you got yourself a great DIY idea. Moreover, the different shapes of rugs we talked about like the big patterned ones, or a modern round rug, all serve unique purposes. So, follow the guidelines above and make yourself a gorgeous rug. For awesome rugs that are ready to use, visit Miss Amara.

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