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How to Test the Quality of a Whole Dried Mushroom (Shroom)

Whole Dried Mushroom

You may love using psilocybin or magic mushrooms as one of the psychonauts. But you may wonder how you can determine the quality of your whole dried mushroom (shroom). Magic mushrooms as fungi have hundreds of chemicals. Further, some of those chemicals may lead you to determine false positive results for psilocybin in them.

In any case, you will want to get the most reliable results when it comes to identifying psilocybin in magic mushrooms. The simplest way you can determine the presence of psilocybin in shrooms is to avail yourself of a laboratory analysis service. But what if you cannot avail yourself of such a service to determine the quality of psilocybin mushrooms?

There are still ways you can determine the quality of magic or psilocybin mushrooms. We have also dedicated this post to the same concern. So, read this post till the end to find out how you can identify psilocybin in shrooms or their quality

Ways to Determine the Presence of Psilocybin in Shrooms and Identify Their Quality

Let us share with you ways you can identify the presence of psilocybin in magic mushrooms or their quality:

  • Bruising

The simplest way to test the quality of magic mushrooms is via bruising. You can capitalize on this technique when the shrooms you get your hands on are not fully dried. Pinching the same mushrooms, you will notice the appearance of blue bruising. In case you have fully dried magic mushrooms, you can examine them for the same bluish bruising marks.

Apart from bruising, there are also two distinct characteristics to identify the quality of psilocybin mushrooms. We have talked about them below:

  • Veil

You will find the veil around the gills of psilocybin mushrooms in their growth stage.

  • Spores

Purple-brown spores leaving their distinct prints also signify the presence of psilocybin in shrooms.

  • Ehrlich Reagent

Ehrlich reagent is a reagent containing p—dimethylaminobenzaldehyde that can help you identify psilocybin in shrooms. Besides, it is a primary test for identifying psilocybin mushrooms as per a popular belief. However, this test is not specific to psilocybin or psilocin.

In fact, the Ehrlich reagent reacts with a pink colour change to all indoles, including psilocybin (mushroom-derived indole alkaloid). It means it also reacts with other alkaloids, such as tryptophan. So, non-psychoactive mushrooms can also yield false positive results with the same reagent.  

Contingent on what we have said already, you cannot count specifically on Ehrlich reagent to determine psilocybin mushrooms. The same holds for the quality of a whole dried mushroom (shroom).

  • Psilocybin Test Kit 

Using a psilocybin test kit is a better approach to identifying psilocybin in magic mushrooms and their quality. It rules out the presence of unwanted synthetic compounds like Phenethylamines (an organic compound with psychedelic stimulants). 

Moreover, the psychedelic stimulants we have earlier mentioned belong to the following families:

  • NBOMe (N-methoxybenzyl)
  • DOx (Substituted dimethoxyamphetamines)

Both of the aforementioned psychedelic stimulants can trigger a psychedelic state, similar to psilocybin. So, you need to rule them out of your psilocybin mushroom test. In this respect, you need to use at least two of the following reagents:

  • Marquis
  • Mecke
  • Liebermann
  • Froehde

Furthermore, using a test kit containing any two of the above reagent you can successfully test for magic mushrooms. To determine psilocybin and rule out the aforementioned psychedelic stimulants, you should look for an instant and vivid colour change.

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However, you cannot predict the quantity of psilocybin in magic mushrooms via a psilocybin mushroom kit, In order to determine the potency and all ingredients in your shrooms, you will need an additional purity test kit. 

These are different ways you can determine psilocybin in magic mushrooms or their quality. Prior to diving into our conclusion, we shall recommend shrooms you may consider buying as a psychonaut.

Shrooms to Consider Buying for Psychonauts

The easiest way you can buy psilocybin mushrooms is you buy them from an online magic mushroom dispensary. At the same time, you will want to get your hands on sought-after psilocybin mushrooms. There are certainly coveted magic mushrooms you may consider buying from a shroom dispensary. We have recommended some of them below:

Besides these mushrooms, you can also find shroom edibles and capsules for micro-dosing in a magic mushroom dispensary.


If you are a psychonaut, you surely love magic mushrooms. But you may not know how you can identify psilocybin in magic mushrooms or determine their quality. The simplest way to do that is you avail yourself of a laboratory analysis service. Apart from that, there are still some ways you can determine psilocybin in a whole dried mushroom or the quality of shroom. We have recapped them below:  

  1. Bruising
  2. Ehrlich Reagent
  3. Psilocybin Test Kit 

Furthermore, you should seek sought-after psilocybin mushrooms in a shroom dispensary to have the best experience with shrooms. Lastly, Blue Meanies, Golden Teacher, and Tidal Waves, to name some of them.

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