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SEO Tips for Small Business located in Dubai UAE

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SEO Tips for Small Business located in Dubai UAE

Friendly URL:

The URL addresses of your website pages must be friendly, that is, they must have suggestive words/phrases about the content of that page. What does it mean in concrete? Let’s look at an example:

This address clearly suggests what content it covers. It’s clear and direct. By clicking on the link we will learn everything about SEO to optimize the website for search engines.

Always have friendly URLs on your website pages and most importantly, include your keyword in them. In the example above, the word “SEO” is the keyword used on the page and appears in the URL.

Meta Tags and page title:

At the beginning of a page’s HTML code, within the header, there are two extremely important tags: the “title” tag and the “description” tag. Another tag that was very important and today has lost weight is “keywords” which you can still pay attention to but will not significantly influence the positioning of your website.

The page title must contain your keyword and it is important that it explains, in a few words, the content of the page. For the previous example, the title could be “SEO: everything you need to know” or “Everything about SEO”. Very important, the title cannot be too long, a maximum of 70 characters.

The meta description should summarize the content of the page but should also not be long, it is not recommended that it exceed 156 characters. It must be creative and enlightening and the keyword must be present.

Titles in the body of the page: h1, h2, h3:

The titles, which can be formatted from h1 to h6, serve to signal to search engines which content is more or less important. It is important that you include at least three titles in your post, from h1 to h3, ideally containing the keyword and/or variants. The h1 can apply to the title of the article, for example, the h3 can be used in items it addresses and the h3 can be in the conclusion.

Have a Sitemap:

It is essential that your website has a map with links to all pages. The ideal is to create a sitemap in xml. Don’t worry because there are sites that generate xml sitemaps and where you can even indicate which pages are more or less relevant, helping search engines to better understand your site.

If it is not in XML, it is important to have a page, even in HTML, pointing to all the internal pages of the site. This will ensure that your entire website is indexed.

Optimized images:

First of all, keep this in mind: it is important to use images. A quality post harmoniously mixes image with text, making reading clearer and more interesting.

Then, it’s important to optimize your images, relate the images in your post to the keyword. The easiest and most practical way is to give it a name that includes the keyword. For example: “SEO.png”.

Don’t forget to describe the image in the “alt” (alternative text), including the keyword. The “alt” of the image could be “All about SEO”.

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