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Ultimate Guide To Make Custom Tincture Boxes To Upscale Your Business

Tincture Boxes

A tincture is a plant or animal extract dissolved in ethanol. Ethanol concentration may range from 20-60% in normal but may be concentrated up to 90%. A tincture is packed in glass or plastic bottles which are susceptible to breaking, thermal stress, and scratching. Custom Tincture Boxes are the most wonderful option for packing and protecting tincture bottles from internal and external damage. In addition to protection, these boxes with innovative designs and hassle-free 3D printing with bright color inks create an attention-grabbing appearance that maximizes your product’s appeal. Tincture packaging with printed logos works as walking billboards to promote your brand to huge masses.

You can give a unique and elegant look by adding alluring add-ons, catchy styles, and tremendous finishes to decorate your product appearance as much as you want.

Let us discuss more about how to create impressive and outstanding custom boxes for tinctures to boost your product demands.

Select Durable Material To Craft Sturdy Custom Tincture Boxes

Today is the era of tough competition in all fields of life. All tincture manufacturing brands are trying their best to provide tincture products with world-class quality. The most recurring problem is how to maintain the original quality of tincture products during handling, storage, and long-distance shipping. A tincture box made with a high-robust stock is ideal for keeping tinctures preserved for a long time and protecting them from sunlight, heat, dust, and UV rays. You can make these boxes with high-strength Rigid, Kraft, Cardboard, and Corrugated materials. These materials provide an extra shield against, moisture, scratches, and environmental pollution. You can use one of the materials to make custom tincture packaging that must be according to your business requirements, allow vibrant printing, and ensure maximum protection.


  • Cardboard is a flexible and less expensive material that allows full freedom to customize mainly vibrant printing according to your buyer’s requirements and brand demands.
  • These are lightweight and are easy to carry, store, and ship.
  • In addition, this material is eco-friendly and high-barrier, providing a long shelf-life to your products by creating zero pollution.


  • Kraft paper is made with wood pulp or virgin paper pulp which is 100% eco-friendly.
  • This material is a strong, durable, and reliable material that is widely used and allows limitless customization according to your requirements.
  • It is most inexpensive and easily accessible.


  • Corrugated material provides an extensive barrier shield against damages (the wear and tear of travel and shipping) with cushioned paper padding inside.
  • It’s also better than plastic because it’s lightweight and less expensive as compared to plastic.
  • Corrugated can be recycled easily.


  • Rigid material is used to pack and protect luxury products.
  • These are sturdiest than others and give an elegant look with a branded touch.
  • You can use this material to make custom tincture boxes that can be used to send tincture as a gift which creates immense magnetism in viewers’ eyes.
  • It offers an excellent way to keep your products safe during the sale process.

Maximize Shelf Appeal Of Tincture Box By Selecting Innovative Designs

Every brand is investing all its savings in the business to sustain the business by facing market challenges. They use premium ingredients to make classy tinctures. They will never let your product get lost on the shelves and get rusted. So, they need perfect products that provide wonderful, colorful, and attractive looks to get customer attention. You can choose outstanding tincture boxes – Custom Designs Boxes which provide the perfect template. A precise and perfect template allows vibrant printing of graphics and brand elements with holographic effects. This provides an enchanting and enticing look to your products’ packaging that gets direct eyeballs on them by leaving others behind.

In this way, you can let your brand lead your competitors due to innovatively designed custom tincture boxes.

Dive Into The Sea Of Styles And Find Your Perfect Fit

There is an extensive range of styles that provide you full freedom to choose whether styles are suitable for your brand or not. Some styles provide ease to unbox, and some are easy to customize and convenient to carry and assemble. You can select one from them according to your customer’s requirements and brand demands to make premium custom tincture boxes. Some styles are as follows,

  • Tuck-End style
  • Two-piece box style
  • Gable Box style
  • Dispenser Box style
  • Sleeve Box style

You can choose the desired box style from above and use a modern die-cutting process to cut boxes according to precise dimensions, sizes, and volume of boxes concerning product dimensions. Modern die-cutting creates clear and scratch-free box surfaces that are best for further customizations.

Opt Elite Printing To Create Brand Identity With Tincture Packaging

Printing is the main step in customization that gives the final discriminative look to your packaging boxes and turns your blank boxes into brand representatives. After selecting a specific design and branding color scheme, you can perform printing processes. There is the following color scheme,

  • CMYK color
  • PMS color
  • RGB color

CMYK color scheme is the most famous for creating colorful and impressive brand appeal on custom tincture boxes.

You can choose one printing technique from the following,

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing
  • Lithographic printing

From above flexographic printing is the best and most inexpensive technique which gives a vivid and vibrant look to the product packaging and insists buyers buy your products.

You must print follow branding elements to give quick comprehensive about your products and brands,

  • Brand Logos
  • Brand Narrative
  • Name of Brands
  • Product details
  • Graphical Representation of Products

Dazzle Onlooker Eyes With Striking Finishing

If you want to add a more appealing and pleasing look to your product packaging, then use striking and Premium finishes. As more you decorate your product packaging, the more you will get people’s attention in the market.

Some of the finishes for custom tincture boxes are as follows,

  • Gloss or Matte Coating
  • Silver Or Gold Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Holographic Foiling
  • Embossing or Debossing

As much as you add finishing, the more product packaging will offer a magnetic and glittering appearance. Custom tincture boxes with limitless finishes look like a gift from your favorite brand.


Custom tincture boxes are a marvelous choice to ensure products remain safe and give a mesmerizing look to your products with a branded luxurious touch. You can order tincture boxes wholesale in bulk from Custom Designs Boxes in bulk at the lowest cost. With this packaging, you can boost your brand demand like never seen before.

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