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What is the right price for Cat6 Plenum Copper Cable

What is a right price for Cat6 Plenum Copper Cable

If you are in the process of buying Cat6 plenum copper cable, you have probably found its varying prices. One vendor is offering $150 and another is offering $200.

Well, understandably, this might be a little confusing as to which one you should choose. You cannot simply go for an inexpensive cable because you worry if it costs less, its quality may not be up to the mark.

And you can’t simply buy the expensive copper cable 1000ft because what if you are overpaying? This is quite a dilemma when it comes to buying Cat6 plenum ethernet cable with pure copper conductors. So let’s solve it in this guide – once and for all.

Let’s answer this most commonly asked question: What is a right price for Cat6 plenum copper cable?

The problem with the price

When it comes to the cost of the Cat6 plenum copper cable, there are many factors involved.

Because of the many variants and types, this cable can cost anywhere between $100 to $200. Sometimes its cost can even go up to $300.

Cat6 cable bare copper cable refers to the 6th category of twisted pair ethernet cables that have bare copper conductors. Now bare copper conductors come in different qualities. This means that there cannot be one certain right price for the cable.

Depending on a particular Cat6 plenum copper cable’s features, you will have to break down its cost. This is somewhat of a problem when you are looking to buy this cable.

Cat6 Plenum Bare Copper Cable Price

The price for the Cat6 plenum bare copper is quite affordable. This is because of the bare copper conductors and plenum jacketing. These materials are the best on the market and they sure cost extra.

If you want an exact figure, a 1000ft UTP Cat6 bare copper cable will set you back between $188.50 to $219.99. This might seem too much at first, but it is certainly worth it. Because when it comes to the safety of a network, there should be no compromise.

This cable is designed for not only high performance but is also well apt for safety.

Cat6 Shielded Bare Copper Cable Price

The shielded Cat6 bare copper plenum cable costs more than the unshielded cable. Because of the shielding underneath the cable jacket, this cable’s cost rises. However, the performance of the cable is impeccable and it sure pays back.

The shielding makes it highly resistant to interference and external noise. Your signals will be slick and flawless.

The exact cost of this cable can vary from vendor to vendor, but a 1000ft Cat6 Shielded bare copper cable can cost anywhere between $200 and $300.

That is not bad considering the return on the value you get for your money. And by the way,  some vendors will even give you a warranty on it.

Cat6 Solid Copper vs Stranded Price

Solid copper cables have conductors made from a single piece of metal. If you have ever seen the bare conductor of a cable, you would have noticed two different things. Either the conductors were stranded and many in number or a single solid line.

The solid conductors are rather expensive because of their performance. They perform much better over long distances. With solid conductors, the cable will get much less interference and crosstalk.

Stranded conductors of the cable are best utilized on short run lengths. They ensure high performance where they are run at brief lengths. Moreover, these cables are easier to install as well. Because of their design these cables can be more easily twisted and turned for your requirements.

The cost of stranded copper Cat6 cables is a little less than the solid ones. But it is not too significant so you do not have to worry about it. If you want to get the best deal on pure copper ethernet cables, learn about other technology specifications.

Which one to buy?

Buy the Cat6 Plenum Solid Bare Copper Cable for long length runs. For shorter distances, buy the Cat6 stranded cable.

If your network is crowded, you need to get the shielded cable to protect it from external noise, EMI, and crosstalk. But if cable density is not a problem in your network, you can buy the unshielded cable.

So depending on the above mentioned specifications, the price of Cat6 plenum copper cable will be between $190 to $300. When buying, always remember to ask for a warranty if the vendor is giving one. This will make your investment safe.


We hope this article was of help to you and that you can get a great deal on this high quality bulk ethernet cable.

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